An image illustrates a DevOps engineer working on their laptop.
Use Case

SSH logging and auditing: Not as difficult as you think

Know the effective ways to implement SSH logging and auditing to track the SSH connections launched by your team members.

The image illustrates how SloopEngine's browser-based SSH Terminal and SSH audit works.
Use Case

Best browser SSH terminal client with built-in auditing features

SloopEngine offers the best browser-based SSH terminal client which integrates with other key features namely SSH key management, SSH logging & auditing.

The image illustrates how SloopEngine's SSH logging and audit works.

Strengthen infrastructure security with SSH logging & auditing solution

Enhance security with SloopEngine's SSH logging, auditing, and monitoring solution for robust infrastructure and team protection.

A conveyor carrying SSH keys and storing them in the cloud. It seems like how sloopengine help to manage public and private keys in the cloud.
Use Case

How to securely manage public & private SSH keys in the cloud?

Recognize the need for SSH key management system for your organization and learn the key factors involved in choosing a proper SSH key management in the cloud.

The image illustrates a rowing competition. SloopEngine rower goes ahead.
Use Case

Coronavirus: Work from home with 100% productivity

Achieve 100% productivity from tech employees amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. SloopEngine offers variety of features that is needed to work from home.

A drawing illustrates a manager thinking about how to protect source code from developers, and he got an idea of using the SloopEngine product.
Use Case

How to protect software source code from the developer team?

Know the security issues associated with traditional software development life cycle and prevent source code leaks by using SloopEngine online browser IDE.

The illustration highlights the significance of a browser-based SSH terminal.
Use Case

Revolutionize SSH key and access management with browser SSH terminal

Transform SSH key and access control with SloopEngine's browser SSH terminal client, enhancing security and convenience.

An IT operations cost graph. From highest to lowest value, the graph line moves. On the graph line, there are also several riders of mountains.
Use Case

Reduce IT operational costs of tech teams upto 90%

Learn the problems associated with managing multiple tech teams across different services and tools. Try SloopEngine to reduce IT operational costs upto 90%.

There is a road in the forest with a name board containing warnings related to SSH sharing. A manager is carrying the SSH key to the DevOps team.
Use Case

Security risks involved in sharing SSH keys with the team

Be aware of potential security risks when sharing SSH keys with your team. Use SloopEngine's centralized SSH key management feature to avoid security threats.

An image illustrating how SloopEngine prevent developers from downloading the Git repository to their local machine.
Use Case

Prevent developers from downloading Git repository to local machine

Enable secure software development by preventing the developer team members from downloading the Git repository to the local machine for developing source code.

The image illustrates a cartoon portrait represented as sloopengine connecting an online IDE with the server through wire.
Use Case

Develop software source code on cloud-based online IDE

Learn the necessity of writing source code without downloading it to the local machine. Use SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE to write software source code.

A picture shows the tech team using the SloopEngine browser terminal to access their infrastructure, without sharing SSH keys with the team.
Use Case

Provide SSH server access without sharing SSH keys with team members

Securely manage SSH server access in SloopEngine, no key sharing needed. Explore SSH key and access control features for your team.