Simple project management

A man is organizing projects.

Streamline software development projects

These days, most software development teams use a project management tool to keep track of their team productivity. Usually, every team believes in choosing complex project management software to solve all their issues related to software development. It takes no more time to realize that understanding the project management software is tougher than managing a software development team. That's the exact reason why we built a project management feature on SloopEngine.

Manage bugs, feature requests, issues as tickets

With SloopEngine's project management feature you can manage the software development tasks of your team members as tickets. You can label the tickets as a bug, feature request, issue, hotfix, etc. The project management feature allows you to add custom options on the label, status, and priority fields so that you can filter tickets easily. You can use milestones to plan for the software release. Finally, you can also manage tickets per environment.

Use work logs to track team productivity

Tracking the productivity of your team is more important during the software development life cycle. Any lag in team productivity affects software release, which in turn affects customers. SloopEngine's project management feature lets your team members log their work on the ticket in which they are working. If you are the manager, you can use those work logs to find the amount of time spent on every ticket to track team productivity.