Powerful SSH logging & auditing

A man is verifying SSH logs.

SSH logging is necessary

Usually, your team members use to launch an SSH connection to the production servers to perform deployments or activities. It is much necessary to enable SSH logging on all of your servers in the production environment. These days, it's mandatory for any growing organization to generate and preserve SSH logs for auditing purposes. You can use the SSH logs to perform root cause analysis and generate post-mortem reports.

SSH logging made simple

With SloopEngine's SSH logging & auditing feature, you can log all the SSH connections established to your production servers by the team members. You just need to enable the SSH logging & auditing feature, that's it. Your SSH logs are safely stored and can be retrieved based on your request. Nobody can download or access the SSH logs without prior permission on SloopEngine.

A video like playable SSH auditing

During production outages or server downtimes, your team members need to SSH to production servers to troubleshoot and debug the issue. SloopEngine generates SSH logs that can be played like a video. You can audit the SSH logs to write detailed root cause analysis and generate post-mortem reports that have to be submitted to the customers. SloopEngine generates SSH logs with maximum accuracy, based on time.