Built-in geo data access control

Choose where to store and access your data, our geo data security feature helps you to achieve it. If your organization strictly wants data storage and data routing to be locked within a desired geographical region, then this product is for you.

On signup, we provide you with a list of our available data centers in various regions across the world. All you have to do is, select preferred one and signup, that's all, we take care of the rest. We make sure all your data get stored and routed only to the preferred region.

Didn't find your preferred region? lets us know about it through our customer support. We will possibly launch our new data center in your preferred region, in the near future.

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Features available on SloopEngine

Centralized SSH key management

Use centralized SSH key management to store and manage SSH keys. Enable SSH key based authentication on production servers without sharing SSH keys with the team.

Granular server access control

Deploy environment level server access control on production servers. Provide server access for the team using secure web SSH terminal without sharing SSH keys.

Easy to use Online IDE

Write code directly on online IDE like web code editor backed by server. Avoid cloning or downloading code to the local machine for software development purpose.

Powerful SSH logging & auditing

Enable SSH keystroke logging on production servers to generate playable SSH keystroke logs and use it during SSH auditing, root cause analysis and post-mortems.

Instant live SSH auditing

Perform live SSH auditing on any active SSH connection to detect security threat and terminate it in case of a security breach or malicious activity.

Simple project tracking

Manage bugs, feature requests, and issues as tickets on your project during team software development. Set milestones to keep track of team productivity.

Singleshot activity tracking

Track team activites per environment to know whats happening on infrastructure. Make data driven decisions using activity tracking system.

Quick live chat conversation

Assist team member during production outage or server downtime by sharing commands, ideas and suggestions using live chat conversations.