Getting started with SloopEngine

Create SloopEngine account

A SloopEngine account is a principal entity created after a successful registration, tailored particularly for businesses or organizations. The creator of the SloopEngine account is automatically designated as the super admin user for that account. For better understanding, please read the SloopEngine account documentation.

  1. Go to the SloopEngine website and signup to create a free account.
  2. Your SloopEngine account has to be approved by our team.
  3. Once your SloopEngine account is approved, you shall receive an email with your login credentials and a link to the account portal.
  4. Use the provided link to access your SloopEngine account portal and login with your credentials.

Once you've successfully logged into your SloopEngine account, you gain the ability to bring in team members from your organization and integrate them into the system. For additional details and guidance, please refer to the SloopEngine user documentation. This resource will offer comprehensive information on SloopEngine user management.

Create SloopEngine workspace

The SloopEngine workspace constitutes a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing critical elements such as credentials, nodes, repositories, permissions, SSH sessions, IDE sessions, tickets, etc. This workspace facilitates seamless management and collaboration across various aspects of your project. Go to the SloopEngine account dashboard and navigate to the Workspaces listing view to create a new workspace. For a deeper understanding of the functionalities within the SloopEngine workspace, please consult the SloopEngine workspace documentation.

Once you have created a new SloopEngine workspace, the next step involves adding users to it. This action is essential to grant them access and empower them with the capability to oversee and control the resources existing within that specific workspace. By adding SloopEngine users, you ensure that the right individuals possess the necessary privileges to collaborate effectively and efficiently manage the resources enclosed within the workspace environment.

Choose an use case to try SloopEngine

Please select from the provided list of use cases that best aligns with your organization's needs.

  1. I want to set secure software development process for my team
  2. I want to configure and manage SSH access, SSH logging & auditing on my servers
  3. I want to manage multiple projects, assign tickets, and track productivity of my team