Introduction to SloopEngine

What is SloopEngine?

SloopEngine is an exceptional online software for IT operations and team management, which operates on the cloud. It is designed to provide secure access and auditing features to its customers. With SloopEngine, you can enjoy a variety of features including online IDE, project management, SSH key management, SSH access management, SSH logging & auditing, activity tracking, live chat, and more. The best part is that all you need is a web browser to access this software!

Modes of SloopEngine usage

  • SloopEngine Web
  • SloopEngine CLI
  • SloopEngine REST API

Key features of SloopEngine

  • SloopEngine Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • SloopEngine Project Management (PTM)
  • SloopEngine SSH Key Management (SKM)
  • SloopEngine SSH Access Management (SAM)
  • SloopEngine SSH Logging & Auditing (SLA)
  • SloopEngine Activity Tracker (ACT)
  • SloopEngine Live Chat (LCT)
  • SloopEngine Trusted IP (TIP)