Precise IP whitelisting

Partial screenshot of IP Whitelisting screen

Allow access only from corporate office network IP's

SloopEngine has IP whitelisting feature that helps you secure your SloopEngine portal access from unauthorized IP's. With IP whitelisting feature, you can even restrict team members accessing your SloopEngine portal from their home networks. You can overcome a lot of potential security risks related to your source code and servers by effectively using the IP whitelisting feature. Your team members cannot misuse your source code and servers even if they are out of the office.

Protect from being exploited

You must use the IP whitelisting feature to protect your SloopEngine portal from attackers, hackers, crawlers, and bots around the world. We ensured that the IP whitelisting feature is available under all plans because customer data security is more important for us.

Easily manage whitelisted IP's

It's very simple to manage a number of whitelisted IP's on SloopEngine. You can allow or deny access to any whitelisted IP based on the necessity. For now, SloopEngine supports IPv4 address only, but we will support IPv6 address in the future. Especially, if your organization operates around the globe, you must consider using IP whitelisting feature for safe and secure access to your SloopEngine portal.