Simplify IT operations and team management

SloopEngine offers online IDE, project management, SSH key & access management, SSH logging & auditing, and more.

Online IDE for Software Developers

  • Easy to use server-backed browser IDE for software developers.
  • Restrict developers from downloading source code to local machine.
  • Control source code access to your team in a single click.
  • Bring software development to the cloud to increase security.
  • Replace your desktop IDE with powerful online browser IDE.
  • Supports majority of languages including PHP, Javascript, Ruby & Python.
Partial screenshot of online IDE screen

SSH Access Management for Servers

  • Replace native SSH terminal client with web browser SSH terminal.
  • Stop sharing SSH keys with your team to allow SSH access to servers.
  • Deploy environment level SSH access management on production servers.
  • Increase SSH security with managed SSH access management for teams.
  • Manage SSH access for your on-premise as well as cloud servers.
  • Supports majority of cloud service providers including AWS, Google, and Azure.
Partial screenshot of SSH Access Management screen

SSH Logging & Auditing on Servers

  • Record SSH connections of production servers to generate SSH logs.
  • Playback SSH keystroke logs of production servers like a video.
  • Know what your team members have done on your production servers.
  • Find the culprit team member by auditing every SSH sessions.
  • Write detailed root cause analysis by auditing recorded SSH logs.
Partial screenshot of SSH logging and auditing screen

Live SSH Auditing on Servers

  • Stream ongoing SSH connections of servers in near real-time.
  • Detect malicious activities on your team members SSH connections.
  • Terminate SSH connection in single click incase of security breach.
  • Easily audit any number of ongoing SSH connections in parallel.
  • Assist your team during production outages and server downtimes.
Partial screenshot of live SSH auditing screen

Project Management for Software Teams

  • Know the time spent on every task to measure team productivity.
  • Boost software development team productivity by setting milestones.
  • Avoid duplication of work while managing multiple software projects.
  • Reduce complexity while tracking multiple software teams.
  • Manage bugs, feature requests, and issues as tickets.
Partial screenshot of Project Management screen

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