Resources in SloopEngine

SloopEngine account

After successfully signing up, a SloopEngine account is established as the highest-level entity, tailored specifically for organizations or companies. The SloopEngine account empowers you to efficiently manage multiple teams with ease and convenience.

SloopEngine user

It is important to note that a SloopEngine user is typically a person who belongs to your team or organization. It may be helpful to know that you can establish and oversee numerous users within a single SloopEngine account.

SloopEngine workspace

SloopEngine workspace is a comprehensive and efficient resource that provides users with a range of essential resources. These resources include crucial elements such as credentials, nodes, repositories, permissions, tickets, SSH sessions, IDE sessions, and much more. With SloopEngine workspace, you can rest assured that you have everything you need to manage your projects and workflows with ease and precision.

SloopEngine credential

The SloopEngine credential is a crucial piece of information that is utilized to validate secure shell (SSH) connections to your nodes, which can either be host machines, virtual machines, or containers. As a default setting, SloopEngine employs encryption techniques to safeguard and securely store your sensitive credentials.

SloopEngine node

When setting up SloopEngine permission, it is important to have a designated node to reference. The SloopEngine node can take the form of a physical host, virtual machine, or container, and is accessible through either an FQDN-based hostname or IP address. By utilizing a specific SloopEngine node, the permission creation process becomes more streamlined and organized.

SloopEngine repository

In essence, a SloopEngine repository is a type of Git repository that encompasses the software source code required for development purposes. It is noteworthy to mention that, at present, SloopEngine solely caters to Git repositories.

SloopEngine permission

A SloopEngine permission is a type of access grant given to an individual user, which provides them with the ability to access and use specific credentials, nodes, and repositories as needed. With SloopEngine permission, users can launch both SSH sessions and IDE sessions as required, providing them with greater flexibility and control over their work processes. Whether you're a developer, administrator, or other type of user, having SloopEngine permission can help streamline your workflow and make it easier to get things done efficiently and effectively.

SloopEngine IDE session

With SloopEngine IDE session, you have the ability to easily launch a web-based integrated development environment that will automatically load the source code from your Git repositories on popular platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. This streamlined process provides a hassle-free experience for developers to access and edit their source code.

SloopEngine SSH session

With SloopEngine SSH session, you can conveniently establish a secure SSH connection to any node using a browser-based terminal. This means you can access your nodes from anywhere, without needing to install any software. Plus, all your SSH sessions are recorded to ensure comprehensive logging and auditing, giving you peace of mind and enhanced security.

SloopEngine SSH log

A SloopEngine SSH log is a valuable resource used for recording text-based SSH sessions. These logs are especially useful for various purposes such as auditing, debugging, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis. The SSH logs can help identify issues and provide insights into what caused them. Overall, SSH logs are a crucial resource for maintaining a secure and reliable network.

SloopEngine ticket

A SloopEngine ticket is essentially a task or issue that has been designated to a specific user. The beauty of SloopEngine ticket is that project managers are able to utilize it as a resource for streamlining the organization, delegation, and monitoring of all tasks and issues. Its effectiveness in aiding project management cannot be overstated.

SloopEngine worklog

To keep track of their progress, team members have the option to create SloopEngine worklogs directly under their assigned tickets. By doing so, they can easily document their daily tasks and accomplishments. This information is then made available to their team manager, who can use it to assess the team's productivity and make informed decisions.

SloopEngine whitelist IP

SloopEngine whitelist IP is an effective security measure that safeguards your SloopEngine portal by denying access to unapproved IP addresses. Additionally, it can limit team members from logging into your portal via their home networks, thus ensuring maximum protection against potential security threats.