What is the Purpose of SloopEngine CLI?

The SloopEngine CLI is a command-line tool that automates the process of synchronizing SloopEngine Credentials, such as Node identity and SSH keys, with your desired node. The SloopEngine CLI allows an administrator to rapidly deploy SloopEngine Credentials to multiple nodes.

Install SloopEngine CLI

SloopEngine CLI requires Python >=3.6 version. By default, SloopEngine CLI binary located at /usr/local/bin. If /usr/local/bin is not on PATH, Add this directory to PATH or copy SloopEngine CLI binary to another available binary location.

              # Install SloopEngine CLI.
              $ sudo pip install sloopengine-cli

              # (Optional) if '/usr/local/bin' is not on PATH.
              $ sudo cp /usr/local/bin/sloopengine /usr/bin/sloopengine

Initialize SloopEngine CLI

After SloopEngine installation you need to initialize the SloopEngine CLI using the below command

              $ sudo sloopengine init

Configure SloopEngine CLI

To configure the SloopEngine CLI, you will need your Account URL and User Token. To obtain these, please follow the instructions provided.:

  1. Access your SloopEngine account dashboard.
  2. Click on the Preference menu and navigate to the Security section.
  3. Click on the Manage Token accordion.

              # Configuring SloopEngine CLI.
              $ sudo sloopengine configure
              Enter Account url: <YOUR ACCOUNT URL>
              Enter User token: <YOUR USER TOKEN>
              CLI configured.

Uninstall SloopEngine CLI

              $ sudo pip uninstall sloopengine-cli

SloopEngine CLI configuration located at '/opt/sloopengine'. This directory does not delete when you uninstall. You can delete manually by running the below command.

              $ sudo rm -rf /opt/sloopengine

Sync Credentials using SloopEngine CLI

To Sync SloopEngine Credential,

  1. Go to the specific workspace of your SloopEngine account and navigate to the Credentials section.
  2. Select the Credential you want to synchronize, copy the sync command and run it on the server.

The sync command has a similar structure to the one shown below:

              $ sudo sloopengine credential sync --workspace-id 23 --id 54