SloopEngine CLI

What is the purpose of the SloopEngine CLI?

The SloopEngine CLI is a versatile and efficient command-line interface tool that automates and manages the entire process of synchronizing SloopEngine resources. From initializing the synchronization process to monitoring and reporting on progress, the CLI provides a comprehensive set of functionalities to streamline the synchronization of resources. Whether you need to synchronize a single resource or an entire cluster, the SloopEngine CLI is designed to simplify the process by eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring that resources are always kept up-to-date.

Install SloopEngine CLI

To use SloopEngine CLI, it is important to have Python version 3.6 or higher installed on your system. The location of the SloopEngine CLI binary is set by default to /usr/local/bin. However, if this directory is not included in your PATH environment variable, you will need to either add it to the PATH or copy the SloopEngine CLI executable program to another available binary path. This step is necessary to ensure that the SloopEngine CLI can be accessed and executed without any issues.

              # Install SloopEngine CLI.
              $ sudo pip install sloopengine-cli
              $ sudo cp /usr/local/bin/sloopengine /usr/bin/sloopengine

Initialize SloopEngine CLI

To ensure proper functioning of SloopEngine CLI, it is essential to initialize it after installation in order to create the required filesystem paths.

              # Initialize SloopEngine CLI.
              $ sudo sloopengine init

Configure SloopEngine CLI

In order to start using the SloopEngine CLI, you'll need to configure it with your account URL and user token. You can obtain these by following the instructions below.

  1. Use your username from the top navigation bar and navigate to Preferences view.
  2. Select the Security tab and open the Manage Token block to copy the account URL and user token.

With these steps completed, you'll be all set to configure the SloopEngine CLI to manage your resources.

              # Configure SloopEngine CLI.
              $ sudo sloopengine configure

Remove SloopEngine CLI

              # Remove SloopEngine CLI.
              $ sudo pip uninstall sloopengine-cli

By default, the SloopEngine CLI stores it's data at /opt/sloopengine path. When you remove SloopEngine CLI, the data is not automatically removed from your system. If you wish to remove the SloopEngine CLI data, you will need to delete the directory manually. To do so, open your terminal application and enter the following command.

              # Delete SloopEngine CLI data.
              $ sudo rm -rf /opt/sloopengine