SloopEngine account

What is the purpose of the SloopEngine account?

After signing up, your SloopEngine account becomes the ultimate command centre for your organization or company. With this account, you'll have the power to create and manage multiple teams and workspaces and access a variety of resources like credentials, nodes, repositories, tickets, etc. It's the perfect resource for streamlining software development projects and tasks, all in one convenient location. Get ready to take your organization to the next level with SloopEngine!

Understanding SloopEngine account

Create SloopEngine account

A SloopEngine account is a principal entity created after a successful registration, tailored particularly for businesses or organizations. The creator of the SloopEngine account is automatically designated as the super admin user for that account.

  1. Go to the SloopEngine website and signup to create a free account.
  2. Your SloopEngine account has to be approved by our team.
  3. Once your SloopEngine account is approved, you shall receive an email with your login credentials and a link to the account portal.
  4. Use the provided link to access your SloopEngine account portal and login with your credentials.

Once you've successfully logged into your SloopEngine account, you gain the ability to bring in team members from your organization and integrate them into the system. For additional details and guidance, please refer to the SloopEngine user documentation. This resource will offer comprehensive information on SloopEngine user management.