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The source code is the most valuable intellectual property for any software-based organization. People used to take various preventive measures to protect their organization's source code from misuse, theft, and leak. However, everyone makes the same mistake: they offer their source code to developers for software development.

Traditional software source code development using the local IDE

Most organizations manage software source code on VCS/SCM services like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc., to share or distribute it with the developers for source code development. Typically, developers download or clone the software source code to their local machine and develop source code in an IDE or code editor. It is how traditional software development happens to date.

Remember, the software source code belonging to your organization resides on the developer's local machine.

Security risks associated while using a local IDE or code editor

All source code belonging to your organization resides on the developer's laptop or desktop machine during the software development process. If that is a laptop, it is more likely to be carried out of your organization. Several possible scenarios can happen purposefully or accidentally that might bring your organization/business to an end in a single day, regardless of whether your company is worth a million or a billion dollars. What will you do for the following situations?

  1. If your source code repositories are copied to other devices?
  2. If the laptop machine containing all source code repositories is lost?
  3. If the credentials included in the source code are compromised?
  4. If your source code is sold to your competitors?
  5. If your software architecture is exposed?

If your software source code is leaked, anyone with enough knowledge may reverse-engineer your product and start a new business or tamper with the source code.

The developers can do whatever they want if they have the source code on their local machine.

Understanding the need for a cloud-based online IDE or code editor

It is unsafe for any organization to allow developers to download the source code to their local machine for software development. With SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE, you can securely grant access to developers to develop source code without downloading source code to the local machine. SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE runs on any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. All source code changes made in the cloud-based online IDE are saved to the user workspace on your server.

Advantages of using SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE

Have complete access control over your software source code

In a single click, you may allow or deny access to your software source code. SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE offers strict access controls over your source code so you can easily manage the source code access for your developers. You can completely restrict developers from cloning the Git-based source code repository to their local machine for software development purposes. Your developer team member can use the file browser on the cloud-based online IDE to select and edit software source code files.

Overcome local machine hardware limitations

You may connect your on-premise or cloud servers with SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE and you can have complete control to do whatever you want. When you use SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE, the developers have access to all of the resources they require, so there is no need to worry about local machine hardware limitations.

Get extensive support on the hybrid working model

Usually, developers run their integrated development environments (IDEs) on their local desktop or laptop machines. In recent years, there has been a rise in migrating local developer workstations to cloud-based online workstations. SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE supports a hybrid working model with better software source code security. Nowadays, organizations increasingly adopt a hybrid working model that allows developers to work from anywhere.

SloopEngine's cloud-based online IDE will never allow your developer to download source code to local machine.

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