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An image illustrating how SloopEngine prevent developers from downloading the Git repository to their local machine.

Last decade, all of us had seen enormous growth in an adaptation of open source software, especially Git, a version control system to manage source code repositories. Nowadays, Git is widely accepted and used by all types of software based organizations, because of the momentum gained by services like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab etc.

Yes, the adaptation rate of Git has increased largely, but what about security?

Git based software development

Initially, the owners or authors of the software project push their source code changes to remote Git repository from their local machine and then provide access to their developers. Usually, the software developers used to clone or download the same Git repository on to their local machine for software development. Once the code changes are completed, they commit the code to the local Git repository and push it to remote Git repository.

All source code changes are committed to local Git repository and then pushed to remote Git repository.

Issues with Git based software development

On Git based software development, the local Git repository resides on the developer's local machine. There are higher chances that your software developers can simultaneously push all local Git repositories to their remote Git repository by just creating a user account on services like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc. Your organization's sensitive/secret data such as credentials, keys, and passwords embedded on Git repositories will also be pushed to their remote Git repository. Its almost impossible for you to control this activity. This is a major security threat while using Git.

The Git repositories are intellectual property of your organization, so dont blindly trust developers.

Use online IDE to prevent download of Git repository

It's a big security threat for any organization to allow developers to download the Git repository to their local machine for software development purpose. With SloopEngine's online IDE you can completely prevent software developers from downloading Git repository to the local machine for coding purpose. While launching online IDE, the associated Git repository will be downloaded on to the remote server workspace, thus ensuring the developers can only load the source code on the web code editor. The online IDE like web code editor runs on any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. All code changes made on the online IDE will be synced within user workspace on your server. Once code changes are done, they can directly push it to remote Git repository from the server workspace, by initiating a secure SSH connection to your server using SloopEngine's web SSH terminal.

SloopEngine's online IDE will completely prevent your developer from downloading Git repository to local machine.

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