Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can be SloopEngine customers?

Any team that does software development and manage servers could be potential customers of SloopEngine. SloopEngine is a tech SaaS product built specifically for technical people such as software developers/engineers, infrastructure operations managers/engineers, admins, product/project managers, team leads, etc.

What is the current SloopEngine roadmap?

  • Hosted Git repository management.
  • Deployments based on Chef and Ansible.
  • AI-based data analytics and anomaly detection.
  • App uptime monitoring.
  • Alerting via email, phone and message.

What are highlights of SloopEngine?

  • All in one SaaS product.
  • No need to install server agents.
  • No need to install browser plugins.
  • Avoid sharing SSH keys or credentials.
  • Restrict source code download.
  • Fully context-aware system.
  • Much self-intuitive user interface.

What are the different use cases of SloopEngine?

  • Manage server access without sharing SSH keys with team members.
  • Log all SSH connections for auditing purpose.
  • Assist team members during production outages.
  • Develop source code without downloading it to local machine.
  • Measure team productivity during software development.
  • Keep track of infrastructure events.

How to get started with SloopEngine?

You just need to signup from SloopEngine website to create your free trial account. Please checkout getting started page on the customer documentation to know more.

How SloopEngine secures my data?

SloopEngine encrypts your data at rest and transit, which means your data is encrypted at storage level as well as network level. SloopEngine encrypts and stores sensitive data such as passwords, SSH keys, etc. Please checkout security page on technical documentation to know more.

How SloopEngine scales?

SloopEngine scales up as the size of your organization grows. It offers 5 different pricing plans and you can choose the best plan that suits your organization.

Where SloopEngine stores my data?

During signup, SloopEngine provides you with a list of available data centers in various geographic regions across the world. You just have to choose preferred region during signup, SloopEngine take care of the rest. SloopEngine ensures your data get stored and routed only to your preferred geographic region.

What are the prerequisites to use SloopEngine?

Only a web browser is required. SloopEngine supports majority of web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

How my SSH keys are handled during SSH connection?

SloopEngine decrypts and loads your SSH key to memory(RAM) from the database while establishing SSH connection to your server. Once the SSH connection is closed the SSH key is removed from memory. SloopEngine will never store your SSH keys in flat file.

Does SloopEngine store my credit/debit card information?

No. SloopEngine does not save your credit/debit card details. The payment gateway handles your card payment process. It also never saves the credit/debit card details.

What problems does SloopEngine solve for my organization?

  • SloopEngine protects your source code during software development. Traditionally, software developers used to download the source code to their local machine for code development. The source code could be leaked or misused intentionally or unintentionally by your developers. Using SloopEngine's online IDE feature, you can completely restrict the developer team members downloading the source code to local machine during software development.
  • SloopEngine helps you to manage your servers and provide secure access to those servers. With SloopEngine's centralized SSH key management and server access control features, you can implement environment level access control on your servers without sharing SSH keys with team members.
  • SloopEngine provides better logging and auditing functionalities for your infrastructure. You can audit SSH connections launched by your team members, using SloopEngine's SSH logging & auditing and live SSH auditing features.
  • SloopEngine has better tracking system built into it. You can keep track of team activities related to your infrastructure using SloopEngine's activity tracking feature. SloopEngine has project tracking feature that helps you to track the productivity of your team during software development by managing tickets, milestones, work logs, etc.

Why do I need SloopEngine?

Usually, every team used to pay for a variety of tools or services to manage teams, environments, server access, code access, server logging & auditing, IDE, projects, tickets, collaboration, etc. Now, you can get all of those features in one place, that is SloopEngine. With single SloopEngine account, you can reduce IT operational costs by 90%. You can also save more time by avoiding duplication of work.