Architecture of SloopEngine Infrastructure

Nowadays, there are strict data protection laws enforced across the globe. Keeping this in mind, we have designed SloopEngine's production infrastructure to span across various cloud providers and different geographical locations. SloopEngine's infrastructure allows customers to choose desired geographical region where their data will be stored and accessed. That's why we argue SloopEngine's infrastructure is a multi-pod infrastructure.

Multi-Pod Infrastructure

With SloopEngine's multi-pod infrastructure, your organization's data can be stored and accessed within desired geographical region. One can also understand this as a way of data localization. During the account signup, we provide you with a list of geographical regions where SloopEngine infrastructure is available. You need to select the preferred geographical region and complete the account signup, and then, SloopEngine takes care of the rest. SloopEngine ensures that all your data is stored only in the preferred geographical region.

Hybrid Cloud Model

We have designed SloopEngine's production infrastructure to extend and operate across any cloud service provider, namely, AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba, etc. Hence, SloopEngine's infrastructure represents a hybrid cloud model. SloopEngine's infrastructure provisioning is fully automated using advanced DevOps tools and techniques. This is how we build SloopEngine multi-pod infrastructure in a matter of minutes.