SloopEngine Account

A SloopEngine Account is a top-level entity created after successful signup. It is specifically designed for organizations or companies. With a single SloopEngine Account, you can manage multiple teams.

SloopEngine User

Usually, a SloopEngine User is a member of your team or organization. Remember, you can create and manage multiple users under a single SloopEngine account.

SloopEngine Workspace

SloopEngine Workspace can be considered as an environment which contains key resources such as credentials, nodes, repositories, permissions, tickets, SSH sessions, IDE sessions, etc.

SloopEngine Credential

SloopEngine Credential is a sensitive data used to authenticate SSH connections to your nodes (servers/containers). By default, SloopEngine encrypts and stores your credentials.

SloopEngine Node

A SloopEngine Node can be a physical host, virtual machine, or container that can be accessed via an FQDN-based hostname or IP address. It can be referenced while creating a permission.

SloopEngine Repository

Generally, a SloopEngine Repository refers to a Git repository which contains the software source code you want to develop. As of now, SloopEngine only supports Git repositories.

SloopEngine Permission

A SloopEngine Permission is an authorization granted to a user that allows the user to access specific credentials, nodes, and repositories. This permission can be used to launch both an SSH session and an IDE session.

SloopEngine IDE Session

SloopEngine IDE Session allows you to launch a browser-based IDE that loads the source code from your repositories available at GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc.

SloopEngine SSH Session

SloopEngine SSH Session lets you establish a secure SSH connection to a node via a browser-based terminal. All your SSH sessions are recorded for logging and auditing purposes.

SloopEngine SSH Log

A SloopEngine SSH Log is a text-based recording of an SSH session which can be used for auditing, debugging, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis purposes.

SloopEngine Ticket

SloopEngine Ticket refers to a task or issue that has been assigned to a user. Project managers can use SloopEngine Ticket to efficiently organize, assign, and monitor the progress of tasks and issues.

SloopEngine Worklog

Team members can document their work by creating SloopEngine Worklogs under the assigned ticket. A team manager can review these worklogs to understand the team's productivity.

SloopEngine Whitelist IP

SloopEngine Whitelist IP helps to secure your SloopEngine portal by blocking access from unauthorized IP addresses and can restrict team members from accessing your portal from their home networks.