What is SloopEngine?

SloopEngine is an online IT operations and team management software with secure access and auditing features on the cloud. SloopEngine offers online IDE, project management, SSH key management, SSH access management, SSH logging & auditing, activity tracking, live chat, and more. All you need is only a web browser.

Why SloopEngine?

Generally, each team in your organization used to pay for different tools and services to manage IT operations and teams. Every team manager tries to integrate all these software tools and services to track team productivity and manage IT operations. But, most of the time, it doesn't work as expected. How can a manager track the team's productivity or manage IT operations if the data is scattered across multiple services and tools? Big companies afford to pay for several services each month. But what about startup/midsize companies? They are huge players in the market today. We see a lot of startup companies gaining funding from investors to meet their IT operational costs. But what about self-financed or bootstrapped companies? They are much high in numbers when compared to funded companies.

With SloopEngine, you can reduce the complexity of team management and IT operations, lower monthly subscription bills, and reduce duplication of work. Hereafter, you can avoid paying for multiple tools and services. SloopEngine provides all the necessary tools for team management and IT operations in one place. With SloopEngine, you can reduce IT operational costs by 90% and save time by avoiding duplication of work. Watch the SloopEngine demo video to know how it works, it's worth spending a few minutes.

Understanding SloopEngine

  • Traditionally, software developers used to download the source code to their local machine for development. The source code could be leaked or misused intentionally or unintentionally by your developers. With SloopEngine, you can completely restrict the developer team members from downloading the source code to the local machine for software development purposes.
  • SloopEngine helps a team manager to track team productivity by managing tickets as tasks.
  • SloopEngine permits you to enable secure SSH access to your servers without sharing keys with your team members. With SloopEngine, you can implement environment-level access control on your servers without sharing SSH keys with team members.
  • SloopEngine enables better logging and auditing on SSH connections established to your infrastructure servers. You can live stream or playback SSH connections launched by your team members.
  • SloopEngine has a better event-tracking mechanism so that you can track team activities related to your organization.

Ways to Operate SloopEngine Services

  • Web App
  • CLI

Key Features of SloopEngine

  • Online IDE
  • Project Management
  • SSH Key Management
  • SSH Access Management
  • SSH Logging & Auditing
  • Activity Tracking
  • Live Chat
  • Trusted IP