Getting Started

Install SloopEngine CLI

SloopEngine CLI requires Python >=3.6 version. By default, SloopEngine CLI binary located at '/usr/local/bin'. If '/usr/local/bin' is not on PATH, Add this directory to PATH or copy SloopEngine CLI binary to another available binary location.

              $ sudo pip install sloopengine-cli

              # (Optional) if '/usr/local/bin' is not on PATH.
              $ sudo cp /usr/local/bin/sloopengine /usr/bin/sloopengine

Initialize SloopEngine CLI

              $ sudo sloopengine init

Configure SloopEngine CLI

              $ sudo sloopengine configure
              Enter Account url:
              Enter User API key identifier: 901569d2-478a-4790-a102-65251d5d
              Enter User API key token: BhcOAhGtG4rORHV9F7FrWuzR/qvzkeUAHS1aziVBrs=

Uninstall SloopEngine CLI

$ sudo pip uninstall sloopengine-cli

SloopEngine CLI configuration located at '/opt/sloopengine'. This directory does not delete when you uninstall. You can delete manually by running the below command.

$ sudo rm -rf /opt/sloopengine