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SSH is the most important protocol used by every tech team. It's not just because of the dominance of cloud service providers like AWS, Google, Azure, but also due to the rapid adoption of DevOps/SysOps methodologies. We've seen the tremendous growth in the usage of SSH protocol over the past decade. Let's see where SSH is mostly used in the industry and then discuss how to effectively implement SSH logging and auditing to track SSH connections launched by our team members.

Important use cases of SSH in the IT/software industry

  1. The cloud service providers like AWS, Google, and Azure, only allow SSH protocol to log-in to the Linux/Unix servers.
  2. Top class open source deployment tools like Chef, Ansible uses SSH protocol extensively for automated deployments. In fact, Ansible relies totally on the SSH protocol for executing push-based deployments.
  3. Git is a version control system that uses SSH protocol for secure transport. Internally Git uses SSH protocol when you push/pull source code changes to a remote Git repository.

We hope you understood the importance of SSH protocol and how it is inevitable in the current industry. These days, you need SSH from software development to production server access. That's why tracking SSH is very crucial for tech companies.

Inadequate practices in SSH usage

  1. Almost 90% of tech companies don't have effective SSH logging and auditing mechanism to track SSH connections launched by their team members.
  2. Till today, most of the companies distribute SSH private key to their team members without any restriction. If their servers had hacked, they can't trace the issue. So, you cannot track an SSH connection without enabling proper SSH logging and auditing mechanism.

These are the reasons behind the building of SloopEngine, a cloud-based SaaS product. SloopEngine offers features such as online IDE, project management, SSH key management, SSH access management, SSH logging & auditing, activity tracker, live chat, and more. Only a web browser is required to use SloopEngine.

Solution using SloopEngine SSH logging and auditing feature

You can manage your entire team on the cloud with a single SloopEngine account. Here are the main aspects of SloopEngine concerning tracking SSH connection.

  1. You don't have to share the SSH private key with your team members to provide SSH access. You can enable/disable access in a single click with the power of SloopEngine's browser SSH terminal. SloopEngine supports any Linux/Unix servers running on the cloud as well as on-premises.
  2. Any SSH connection made through SloopEngine's browser-based SSH terminal will completely be p and recorded for auditing purposes. So, you can easily track and find the culprit team member using video like playable SSH logs.
  3. You can also livestream an existing SSH connection and audit it in realtime. You can also terminate the SSH session in a single click if you find any malicious activity.

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