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For any software based organization, the source code is the most important intellectual property. People used to take various preventive measures to protect their organization source code from misuse, theft, and leak. But there is one common mistake that everyone does, which is to distribute their source code to developers for code development.

Traditional source code development

Most of the organizations manage source code on hosted services like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc., to share or distribute it with the developers for code development. Usually, developers download or clone the source code to the local machine and use some IDE or code editor to write code. This is how traditional software development happens till date.

The source code belonging to your organization resides on the developer local machine.

Security risks associated with traditional code development

All source code belonging to your organization resides on the developer's laptop or desktop machine during the code development process. If its a laptop machine, there are higher chances for it to be carried out of your organization. There is a number of possible scenarios which can happen deliberately or unintentionally, that can put an end to your organization/business in a single day, no matter whether your's is a million or billion dollar organization. What will you do if,

  1. your source code repositories are copied to other devices?
  2. the laptop machine containing all source code repositories is lost?
  3. the credentials embedded in the source code is leaked?
  4. your source code repositories are sold to your competitor?
  5. your software architecture is revealed?

The developers can do whatever they want if they have source code on their local machine.

Understanding the need for server backed online IDE

It's very risky for any organization to allow developers to download the source code to their local machine for code development. With SloopEngine's online IDE you can securely allow developers to write code on web code editor without them downloading code to the local machine. The online IDE like web code editor runs on any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. All code changes made on the online IDE will be synced within user workspace on the server.

SloopEngine's online IDE will never allow your developer to download source code to local machine.

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